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June's Jumpdate 2016

Junes Jumpdate Lemonade

We've been busy at work building quite a few websites each month over the last half of the year, and with all the work I suppose writing on the blog has somewhat given us the slip. Not acceptable! :) Let me catch everyone up with where we're at with Jumpstarterwebsites this year so far.

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Features We Provide

website development features JS

Here are some detail on site features Jumpstarter Websites provide to clients freely with our base site packages and which features are add-ons.

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2015 Year In Review

2015 year in review

This was our first year in business! Here's what we did in 2015 and here's where we're going in 2016.

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Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

We're all off to our parents for a week of relaxing, chatting, and reconnecting with long-missed family over the hearth while sipping hot coco.

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Powerful SEO in Practice

powerful seo tips

Here's a few simple techniques you can implement if you want to greatly improve the search engine visibility of your site.

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Optimizing Your Images & Speed Up Your Site

how to optimize an image

Learn how to optimize your site images to increase your site speed with two simple steps.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

To show our gratitude, we wanted to do a discount event this week for anyone considering purchasing a custom website from us in the next two weeks!

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Boosting a Post on Facebook

boosting a post

Looking for some easy tips on getting the most out of boosting your Facebook and other social media marketing posts?

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Jumpstarter Websites on YouTube!

youtube jumpstarter websites

We've launched our Jumpstarter Websites YouTube channel, and here's our first video describing what we do and who we are.

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November's Jumpdate 2015

jumpstarter update

What have we been up to and what's soon to come? "Jumpdate" is our company update to keep our clients up-to-date with exciting new features we provide and are currently working on.

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